The need for a distributor road to the south of Boston town centre was identified some years ago and The Quadrant can now help make this a reality.

Plans for Q1 include the building of the first section of this much-needed road that may ultimately link the A16 to the A52/Boardsides to alleviate traffic that currently goes through the town centre.

This initial section would join the A16 with London Road, and then would be extended to link towards the A52/Boardsides during the development of Q2.

The second part of the distributor road will be delivered when we develop Q2, subject to a further consultation and planning permission. Read more about Q2 here. 

To provide access to Q1 and the Community Stadium, a roundabout will be formed on the A16. This will also form the start of the new distributor road which will run west through the new development. There will be only access for emergency vehicles into the Community Stadium site from Tytton Lane East, and pedestrian access on match days. This entrance will not be open to other vehicles at any time.

The Quadrant Map

Indicative location map. Click to enlarge.

The potential impacts of the development of Q1 on local roads have been  assessed in conjunction with Lincolnshire County Council as part of the technical information that has been submitted with the planning application. We expect that by providing appropriate access to Q1, as well as building the new road, it is anticipated that traffic flows in and around Boston will improve as a result of the development.


For residents of The Quadrant we have created a handy Travel Pack. The pack is a guide to walking, cycling and public transport in and around The Q1 Development. You can download The Quadrant Travel Pack here.