When developing our plans for Q1, we have taken a comprehensive approach to sustainability. 


Our approach is influenced by the three dimensions to achieving sustainable development as outlined within the National Planning Policy Framework issued by the Coalition Government in March 2012.

An Economic Role
The new homes, sports, leisure and retail/commercial uses together with the associated infrastructure provision will contribute to building a strong, responsive and competitive economy for Boston so that it can fulfil its status as a Sub-Regional Centre.

A Social Role
The new homes would provide an improved housing offer with a wide choice and mix of affordable, family and aspirational house types and range of tenures to meet the needs of the present and future generations of the local community.

More specifically, the Q1 aims create a high quality environment that is attractive to younger people and families to help keep these groups in the area.

An Environmental Role
Embedded in our plans for Q1 is the opportunity to reduce energy, use natural resources wisely and minimise waste.

Key opportunities within the proposal involve the promotion of sustainable modes of transport, managing surface water run-off, enhancing biodiversity and ensuring that buildings are designed to the latest energy efficiency standards.