419 questionnaires were completed during the public consultation process for Q1. Whilst the comments you provided to us are detailed on the Consultation Outcomes page, a summary of the quantitative questionnaire results is below.

The full results will be made available in our Statement of Community Consultation, which will be submitted to the Council and that we will make available on this website.

Question: Boston has been identified as a location for future housing growth over the next 15 years.  Do you think the Q1 site is a good location for new housing?

Question 1

Question: Up to 30% of the new homes at Q1 will be affordable housing.  Do you think Q1 is a good location for new affordable housing?

Question 3


Question: Boston United Football Club are in urgent need of a new home for the football club and its community and education departments.  Do you think Q1 is an appropriate location for the new Community Stadium?

Question 6


Question: Q1 will include the first part of a distributor road network, which may ultimately link the A16 to the A52. Do you support this?

Question 7


Question: Do you support our plans for Q1?

Question 11


Responses from PE21

We have also looked at levels of support from the 249 respondents who marked their postcode as PE21 on the questionnaire. Please note, not all respondents provided a postcode.

Question: Do you support our plans for Q1?

 Question 11 PE21


The main perceived benefits of Q1 were identified as follows via the questionnaires:

  1. New community stadium
  2. Improvements to Boston area
  3. Employment
  4. Housing
  5. Improvements to traffic & transport

The key issues identified via the questionnaires are addressed on the Consultation Outcomes page.